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About Us

About Us

Nepali People's Coordination Committee (NPCC) UK - what we usually call "Nepali Janasampark Samiti Belayat", or simply "the Committee" - is among the oldest Nepali organisations currently operating in the United Kingdom.

Founded in February 2003, in his esteemed presence of then Spokesperson of the Nepali Congress Party Mr. Arjun Narsing KC, the Committee is proud to have held its first general convention in his honourable presence of then Vice President of Nepali Congress, our leader Late Sushil Koirala.

The NPCC UK strives to unite people from Nepal and of Nepali origin currently living in the United Kingdom, particularly in order to restore, foster, and preserve nationhood, democracy, and socialism in Nepal through its affiliation with Nepali Congress Party. In that regard, the NPCC UK is a UK wing of the Nepali Congress, now the main party in opposition in Nepall.

The Committee also seeks to reinforce democratic values, social justice, human rights, and economic and social development in Nepal thereby strengthening the 200 years of historic and diplomatic relation between Nepal and the United Kingdom.